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Dinner With The Doc


Free Dinner!

At Elite Wellness the “Dinner With The Doc” are special events we hold once a month for our patients, their guests and the community. It helps us to get out and spread the word about health and healing along with enjoying dinner together compliments of Dr. Duke and Elite Wellness. That’s right, we pick up the check!


We want to build a community within our practice that is focused on the patient, their families and their friends learning the benefits of proactive healthcare.


This is an event that we welcome the community to and we treat everyone to a great dinner. While you eat, we share our message of health and healing and after the brief talk if you are inspired to make an appointment in our office, the opportunity will be available for only $20 (which we only ask for to hold your appointment, the $20 will be given back to you at your appointment time).

Dr. Duke will share powerful, life-changing information for 15 minutes on vital topics like:

• What is true health?
• What are the top 3 killers and how to avoid them by 95%?
• How to avoid drugs and surgery?

We’re looking forward to seeing you.


Ben Duke, D.C.