Protocols for Correcting Ankle/Foot Problems


Pumping feet exercise lying or seated (1 min, 3-4 sets)

Flexing toes exercise, alternate feet (1 min, 3-4 sets)

Pick up marbles/rocks with toes & put in bowl (3x each foot)

Toe flexing with towel (1x each foot)

  • Keep wrinkling towel till the end

Calf Stretch (Soleus Stretch) (for proper biomechanics & blood/nerve flow to foot)

  • Heel on ground, put ball of foot wedged against a brick/block of wood

  • Lean into the stretch with a bent knee as far as possible and hold to increase flexibility and improve blood flow to the foot and ankle

  • Hold 1 min (1-3x daily)

  • (*Walk barefoot at home)