Protocols for Lower Back Stretches

In-Clinic Therapies:

  1. Traction Bed

  2. Stability Disc

    • Front to back & Side to side

    • 30 secs each then switch (3-10 mins total)

In-Clinic Therapies:

  1. Cat/Cow Stretch (1-3 mins)

  2. Half Pigeon stretch (3-4x each side, hold for 1 min each)

  3. Child’s Pose (for 6-8 deep breaths)

  4. Bridge Stretch (15-20x)

  5. Bound Angle Pose (for 6-8 deep breaths)

  6. Trunk Rotation Stretch (3-4x each side, hold 30 secs)

    • Begin lying on the mat with knees bent. While maintaining upper back flat on the ground, rotate legs towards the floor until a stretch is felt. Repeat the stretch on the opposite side.

  7. Iso Hamstring Stretch (3-4x each side, hold for 30 secs)

  8. Hip Flexor stretch (3-4x each side, hold for 30 secs)

    • Lean forward towards the bent front knee until a stretch in front of the opposite thigh is felt

  9. Calf Stretches (for foot Dorsiflexion)

    • Heel on ground, put ball of foot wedged against the wall or on a brick/block of wood

    • Lean into it to stretch and bend your knee to stretch even more and increase flexibility

    • Hold for 1 min


  10. ***Walking

    • Barefoot at home and in the sand

    • ***If cleared by DD or your physician.

  11. ***Yoga/Pilates

    • ***If cleared by DD or your physician.