Protocols for Correcting Anterior Head Carriage (AHC) + Restoring Cervical Curve


Walking Traction

  • Phase 1: Just walking (work up to 18 mins)

  • Phase 2: Stepping onto vibe plate (1 min intervals)

Neck Retractions

  • Retraction strap around back of the head (5 second holds 10x, 3-5 sets)

Vibe Plate Stepping (if shoulder imbalance)

  • Holding arm of lower shoulder up on bar (work up to 10 mins)



Traction Roll for restoring proper Cervical Curve (receive instruction from DD)

  • Follow guidelines sheet provided

  • Most people will position at the base of the shoulders (lower placement)

  • Vital to get to over 18 mins!

Neck Extensions (therapy while sitting or working at desk)

  • Hand towel around lower cervicals and braced on chest

  • Mild extensions, 3 positions (straight & head rotated 45 degrees each way)

  • 50-100 reps (multiple times through the day)

Neck Retractions (therapy while in car)

  • Press head straight back into headrest (5 sec Holds, 10x)

Neck Holds (advanced)

  • Prone, rest hands under chin + deep breathing, must stay relaxed (work up to 10+mins)