Dr. Duke's Best-Selling Book: Adjusting for Leadership


Adjusting for Leadership: A Journey to Find Alignment in Life and Business is available in our clinic at the front desk and on Amazon.

Adjusting for Leadership is an improbable success story that every entrepreneur can appreciate. A man of humble beginnings sets off on a quest to start his own business and makes many mistakes along the way. He finally chooses to "adjust" his approach to master the successful alignment of relationships and business. Based loosely on the journey of chiropractor and leadership speaker Dr. Ben Duke, Adjusting for Leadership provides insightful anecdotes and character-building steps you can apply in your own life and career. Adjusting for Leadership shares these and other important principles:

  • Leadership starts with oneself. Know yourself, lead yourself, then lead others.

  • Businesses are fundamentally people. Learn to lead people, and you will excel in business.

  • Your destination is determined by your association.

  • Give everyone in your business a sense of purpose to flourish.

  • Strong relationships are the keystone for happiness, success and fulfillment..

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