Protocols for Correcting the Lower Back & Pelvis strengthening

In-Clinic Therapies:

Wobble Chair

  • 6 sets, 30 secs each (3 front to back/3 side to side)


Outside-Clinic Therapies:

Unstable Pelvis Series

Kegel Exercises

  • Hold for 5 secs, 10 times (5x/day)

Calf Stretch (Soleus Stretch) (for proper biomechanics & blood/nerve flow to foot)

  • Heel on ground, put ball of foot wedged against a brick/block of wood

  • Lean into the stretch with a bent knee as far as possible and hold to increase flexibility and improve blood flow to the foot and ankle

  • Hold 1 min (1-3x daily)

  • (*Walk barefoot at home)

Best Exercise for Lateral Lumbar Curve (on side of curve)

  • Roll up standard bath towel (4-8 inches in diameter)

  • Secure with rubber band or shoelace

  • Then lie on towel with pressure directly on the apex of the convex side 

  • **Rule of Thumb: Have towel positioned just above the crest of your hip and just below the ribcage

  • 18 mins (watch favorite show or read while lying)

  • Support head with a pillow for comfort

  • Keep pillow between legs to stabilize the pelvis by keeping your knees & hips in alignment

Cobra Pushups

  • Start on elbows then push up from hands and straighten arms (10-30 reps)

Bridges for Hips

  • Sets of 8-12 reps

Leg Lifts with Physioball for Hips

  • Sets of 8-12 reps

(For unstable pelvis) Wear trochanter support for 3 weeks (standing/walking)

(For unstable pelvis) Stabilize the pelvis by cowboy/cowgirl sitting