Protocols for Pregnancy


Traction Bed

Stability Disc

  • Front to back & side to side

  • 30 secs each then switch (3-10 mins total)



Cat/Cow Stretch (1-3 mins)

Half Pigeon Stretch (3-4x each side, hold for 1 min each)

Child’s Pose (for 6-8 deep breaths)

Bridge Stretch (15-20x)

Bound Angle Pose (for 6-8 deep breaths)

Calf Stretch (Soleus Stretch) (for proper biomechanics & blood/nerve flow to foot)

  • Heel on ground, put ball of foot wedged against a brick/block of wood

  • Lean into the stretch with a bent knee as far as possible and hold to increase flexibility and improve blood flow to the foot and ankle

  • Hold 1 min (1-3x daily)

  • (*Walk barefoot at home)


Yoga (for pregnant women)