Protocols for Total Spine Correction

Full Exam: You may schedule this appointment online HERE

Xrays: Full Spine + Stress Xray’s to assess correction

**Re-X-ray: After 30+ treatments (within 3 months) based on patient visit schedule



Walking Traction

  • Phase 1: Just walking (18 mins)

  • Phase 2: Stepping onto vibe plate (1 min intervals)

Neck Retractions

  • Retraction strap around back of the head (5 second holds 10x, 3-5 sets)

Vibe Plate Stepping (if shoulder imbalance)

  • Lower shoulder holding bar (18 mins)



Traction Roll for restoring proper Cervical Curve (receive instruction from DD)

  • Follow guidelines sheet provided

  • Most people will position at the base of the shoulders (lower placement)

  • Vital to get to over 18 mins!

Best Exercise for Lateral Lumbar Curve (on side of curve)

  • Roll up standard bath towel (4-8 inches in diameter)

  • Secure with rubber band or shoelace

  • Then lie on towel with pressure directly on the apex of the convex side 

  • **Rule of Thumb: Have towel positioned just above the crest of your hip and just below the ribcage

  • 18 mins (watch favorite show or read while lying)

  • Support head with a pillow for comfort

  • Keep pillow between legs to stabilize the pelvis by keeping your knees & hips in alignment

Scapular Exercise (may incorporate with Leg Drop below)

  • T1/T2 Curve, hold arm up high (on side of curve)

  • T3-T6 Curve, hold arm bent 90 degrees against a wall (on side of curve)

  • T7-T10 Curve, pin arm to side against wall (on side of curve)

Leg Drop for Pelvis

  • If Lt convexity, then Right foot step

  • If Rt convexity, then Left foot step

  • Then just drop your pelvis down and hold

  • (Hold 1 min, daily)

Calf Stretch (Soleus Stretch) (for proper biomechanics & blood/nerve flow to foot)

  • Heel on ground, put ball of foot wedged against a brick/block of wood

  • Lean into the stretch with a bent knee as far as possible and hold to increase flexibility and improve blood flow to the foot and ankle

  • Hold 1 min (1-3x daily)

  • (*Walk barefoot at home)

Neck Extensions (therapy while sitting or working at desk)

  • Hand towel around lower cervicals and braced on chest

  • Mild extensions, 3 positions (straight & head rotated 45 degrees each way)

  • 50-100 reps (multiple times through the day)

Neck Retractions (therapy while in car)

  • Press head straight back into headrest (5 sec Holds, 10x)

Kegel Exercises

  • Hold for 5 secs, 10 times (5x/day)

  • Squeeze like you’re trying to hold your pee

Sit with towel rolled on lower back (20 mins on, 10 off) if sitting for awhile

Cobra pushups

  • 8-12 reps (2 sec holds)

Lumbar Disc Strengthening

  • Stand with legs just beyond shoulder level and interlock your hands in front of your chest.

  • Rotate your body to one side thrusting with your arms for more leverage.

  • Go back and forth, side to side, 100x/session


Habitual/Lifestyle Corrections:


  • Never sit for more than 20-30 mins at a time (get up a move for 5 mins).

  • Do NOT sit with slumped posture.

  • 5-10 degrees of separation for lower back with shoulders stabilized on back of chair.

Modify Computer/Work Station

  • Never look down at your monitor/screen.

  • Position screen at eye level or 5-10 degrees above eye level.

  • Position the keyboard & mouse close to body so elbows can rest on arm rests.


  • Never sleep on your stomach.

  • Restorative Sleep = (10pm-2am) Must be Asleep!!

    • Back sleeping: With pillow under knees, arms below shoulders & head back with contour pillow

    • Side sleeping: With pillow between knees (knees/hips level), arms below shoulders & head cradled with one pillow in alignment with spine (No tucked/fetal position)


  • Never eat after 7:30pm.

  • To reverse aging & arthritis: Must have clean blood!

  1. Focus on plant-based diet.

  2. Lots of anti-inflammatory foods.

  3. Drink water (No high fructose corn syrup-sodas, energy drinks).

  4. Limit or eliminate dairy.

  5. Lots of good fats. 

  6. Probiotic daily + Vitamin D (especially in winter).


  • Deep breathing will help to oxygenate your brain and body, while helping your body become alkaline.

  • (Beginner) Diaphragmatic Breathing:

    • Breathe in for 7-10 secs, raising your diaphragm

    • Breathe out for 9-12 secs, lowering your diaphragm

    • Minimum of 1-3 mins, goal is to reach 10 mins (try meditating/praying during)

  • (Advanced) Wim Hof Method:

    • Full inhale deeply, then relax and let it go exhaling - 30x

    • After last exhalation hold your breath

    • Once you feel the urge to breathe take a deep breath and hold for 10-15 secs

    • That is 1 round, perform 1-5 rounds