Protocols for Correcting Carpal Tunnel + Wrist/Hand PaiN


Carpal Tunnel Series

  • *(Until carpal tunnel is corrected:) Electrical tape around base of wrist 



Neck Extensions (therapy while sitting or working at desk)

  • *Reduces stress from Anterior Head Posture & improves Cervical Curve

  • Hand towel around lower cervicals and braced on chest

  • Mild extensions, 3 positions (straight & head rotated 45 degrees each way)

  • 50-100 reps (multiple times through the day)  

Neck Retractions (therapy in the car)

  • *Reduces stress from Anterior Head Posture

  • Press head straight back into headrest (5 sec Holds, 10x)

    (therapy at work or home)

  • Hand towel around back of the head (5 sec holds 10x, multiple times per day)

Neck Holds

  • Prone, rest hands under chin & deep breathing, must stay relaxed (work up to 18 mins)

Moist Heat (directly on the pain point)

  • 15 mins per session (multiple times daily)

  • Before & after physical activity

Claw Exercise for Forearm Extensors

  • Wrap a rubber band (#32) on the inside portions of your last knuckles

  • With straight fingers bring your fingers and thumb together, then make a claw

  • Back & forth (till forearm fatigues/burns, then do more)

Forearm/Wrist Stretches

  • For Flexors: Shoulder level reverse your hand with fingers away from you and down (hold for 1 min)

Mirror Friction/Trigger Point Massage

  • Follow the pattern of pain on the opposite elbow with steady pressure and/or cross friction massage

  • Rub until the pain in the elbow subsides

*(Only if shoulder is unstable or shifted AI) Shoulder Stability Exercise

  • Hold DB’s or KB’s at sides with palms facing forward

  • Let arms hang (do NOT shrug or tighten/raise shoulders)

  • Swing arms lightly & gently from belly to butt without moving shoulders (work up to 10 mins)