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I am a dentist and I have found Dr Duke to be one of the most thorough Chiropractors that I have ever been to. When I work I have to look into the patients mouth all day which has made the muscles in my back and neck sore. Dr Duke’s treatment have helped me tremendously after just a few treatments.

His facility is state of the art and his staff Maryann is fantastic. I would highly recommend Dr Duke for chiropractic services.

– Dino M., Wilmette, Illinois


I have been going to Chiropractors for over the past 14 years and Dr. Duke is by far one of the best. Dr Duke is one of the first Chiropractors I have known to actually take the time to walk through my full scans step by step, pointing out corrective areas, showing side by side comparisons and truly helping me to understand the scan and how my bones/joints were and are reacting. Dr Duke and I also fully discussed and continue to discuss treatment analysis and progress plans. He has also suggested stretches and things I could do at home and work to help my progress. From the very first visit to most recent treatment Dr. Duke has been invested in my health and wellness and has been an amazing guide and Chiropractor.

– Melissa P., Highland Park, Illinois


– Danielle and daughter, Clara


Dr. Duke’s office is a modern, beautiful space with an incredibly caring group of folks. Dr. Duke is not just treating the spine, he is really interested in your overall health and well-being. He’s incredibly positive and encouraging, and he calls me just to check in on how I’m doing and thank me for being a patient!

I limped into the office back in February, after suffering for far too long with hip and low back pain. After just three weeks of treatment, my low back pain was getting much better, and we started to work on nagging pain in my shoulder and neck. The adjustments are quick and thorough, and I have gotten instant relief from stabbing neck pain from one quick pop in the right place.

My entire family goes to Dr. Duke now. My son’s ADHD symptoms have really improved, and my husband’s neck pain is so much better that he was able to start working out again. I’m on the road to health, and I’m feeling good enough that I’ve re-started a weight-loss program and yoga practice.

If you are suffering and tired of being in pain, I really recommend Dr. Duke and Elite Wellness. They also accept insurance and will work with you on a flexible payment plan if you need one.

– Gretchen G., Chicago, Illinois


I just started seeing Dr. Duke and already feel results. My spine is seriously out of alignment, so I get painful flareups every few months. Dr. Duke is confident he can not only fix the symptoms (which he has) but also the structural make up. Time will tell, but at this juncture I feel good about the decision to give him a shot. I’ve been to many chiropractors and Ben is one of the best. He is competent, friendly and capable.

Heidi L., Wilmette, Illinois


I like Dr. Duke a lot. He has great techniques for making you feel better. His office is very calming and he has a great bedside manner.

They take insurance which is helpful also.

– Becky N., Evanston, Illinois


– Laura


I’m going to be honest — I went to Dr. Duke not as a first option, but as a last resort. My hip has been bothering me for a long time — so much so that I couldn’t even walk anymore comfortably, and I’m only 26 years old. I’m also a personal trainer, so you can imagine my dilemma when considering if I might need hip surgery. Honestly I didn’t really think going to a chiropractic office would really help my situation. Researching my pain I was 90 percent sure that I either had FAI, or hip dysplasia. I already had knee surgery; I didn’t want to have hip surgery. Before I came to Dr. Ben I got an x-ray at a chiropractic office near my house. I live about 45 minutes away from Dr. Ben’s office so this was my last hope. I walked in not really knowing what to think or what Dr Ben could really do to help me.

I had this hip pain for over 2 years. I tried physical therapy and medicine. No doctor could tell me why I was having this problem. When Dr. Ben looked at my X-ray e he told me I had a pinched nerve. Luckily I had no signs of arthritis in my hip, no signs of anything else really wrong with me. Everything else is beautiful. So Dr. Ben did an adjustment on me on Saturday, and it’s Monday and there is still no pain in my hip. I’m so used to having so much pain in my hip it feels unreal. I can’t believe going to a chiropractor would help me in this situation. It’s unbelievable and now I have a totally different view on chiropractors. I would recommend Dr. Ben to anyone especially those, like me, who are skeptical. You’ll definitely be surprised. Thank goodness, my running career is not over. Thanks Dr Ben.

– Sharon H., Chicago, Illinois


Love, love, love Dr. Ben. I had a car accident about two years ago and I felt like something was out of place. I went to the hospital and they said I was fine. After a year of being told nothing was wrong a friend of mine told me about this chiropractor who just moved near where I was living. So I made an appointment, Dr Ben evaluated me and surprise — I had a herniated disk. After about 3 months I was back to feeling normal. I can’t start to tell you how grateful I am. Go to Dr Ben first and save yourself the aggravation.

– Dawn P., Chicago, Illinois


My aunt had some very major issues due to her years working emergency ER. There was a point in which she was in so much pain that she couldn’t even walk let alone work. But the professionals at Elite Wellness had her back to her normal, strong self in no time! Not only do these people work “magic”, but the center is very inviting with a very welcoming and friendly staff. I would definitely recommend and go myself when in need of their services!

– Bryson B., Chicago, Illinois


I have seen Dr. Duke on several occasions for various problems. As an avid golfer, I have realized that I can no longer go out and play 18 without warming up. Dr. Duke has helped me with both back and wrist injuries that have plagued me for a while and have brought good relief to the effected areas. He has also shown me stretches and preventative exercises to help eliminate further injuries. One of my favorite things about seeing Dr. Duke is every time I see him, he checks me over like it is the first time he is checking out my injuries. He is extremely thorough and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone that I know. For a Dr. that knows and UNDERSTANDS what problems you may be having, go see Dr. Duke!

– Brian S., Chicago, Illinois


Being in the plumbing and HVAC field, I am always hurting my back and tweaking muscles. When looking for a chiropractor I asked around. After reading reviews and doing a little research I found a chiropractor I could be at ease with. I would highly recommend Dr. Duke to anyone that needs to be adjusted. Thanks for keeping me pain free.

– Jim L., Joliet, Illinois